About Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots


Yellow headed Amazon parrots have gotten increasingly more well-liked for pets occasion attributable to their placing and colourful markings. This Amazon is initially from Mexico alongside the coastal areas.

This parrot is essentially a vibrant inexperienced with a distinguished yellow head they usually all have crimson markings on their wings. It’s also possible to discover them in different elements of south Mexico in Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.

These birds prefers such environments as tropical and sub-tropical forests and they’re now thought-about to be very uncommon and have been positioned on the endangered species record due to unlawful commerce in addition to poaching.

The captive bred Yellow Amazons at the moment are accessible as pets however are additionally costly to buy. Resulting from their fairly superb vocal skills they’ve turn into a preferred pet to personal.

The African Gray parrots has been thought-about to be the most effective with the power of speaking however now the Yellow headed Amazon is a detailed second. Despite the fact that they every have the power to talk not all of them do or will.

These parrots are extremely and very humorous, lively and clever birds. Identical to babies they like to obtain consideration and can accomplish that by being playful and loud at instances. You may, with coaching, train the Yellow headed parrot to talk in what feels like a human voice to keep away from their screeching.

Since the sort of parrot thrives on being lively it’s important that they be allowed to fly or transfer round. So when selecting their cage for indoors you have to take this into consideration and ensure it’s enough for each day train and stretching.