Clickbank Marketing With FREE Bonuses


You recognize virtually every ClickBank writer does it: handing out complimentary benefit records to urge site visitors to sign up for an e-newsletter or mini-course. There are a couple of cautions to be conscious of. The "free bonus" method "many ClickBank authors use can actually do more to inhibit their eBook sales than help them.

You no doubt know how free bonuses work. Someone has an eBook to sell and they set up a pitch page to promote the product as well as a squeeze page to collect visitor's names and e-mail addresses. So when you get to their pitch page, they make an offer to send you a free report if you sign up for their newsletter or free mini-course. The concept is great – and it works!

However, this technique is predicated upon the fact that the free report the visitors receive will be perceived as having a good value. It should convince the visitors that the author does indeed have some degree of useful knowledge related to the topic of their eBook.

This is where the technique begins to fall apart in many cases. Let me give you a real-life example to illustrate how the " complimentary record" technique can actually kill the chances of selling your eBook if you use it improperly.

Last week I visited a web site which promoted an eBook which claimed to show other authors how to make money on-line by selling information. That's what I do myself for a living, so I bit on the offer: a free report that claimed it would show exactly how to make $ 100,000 selling eBooks on line.

So I gave up my information – my name and e-mail address, in exchange for the free report. And yup, I got my download instructions immediately. I downloaded the free report.

The author's report was about 4-5 pages. She told that making $ 100,000 a year is a scary figure because it is so big. Her "secret plan" can be summed up in a couple sentences: Making 100,000 dollars a year can be broken down into a more manageable task when you consider that all you are required to do is to make about $ 270 a day (100,000 divided by 365 days in a year). So, all one really has to do is to develop a plan that will allow them to make that $ 270 a day selling their eBook, and voila! – you will be making $ 100,000 a year.

I kid you not; That was here "key" blueprint "for making 100 k a year. I imply, this was such an articulation that, after getting this set complimentary magazine from her, I would certainly never ever also from another location take into consideration acquiring any type of duplicate from this writer regardless of the amount of pledges she made regarding it.

My factor is this: If you are mosting likely to make use of complimentary records as intros to urge site visitors to enroll in your e-newsletter, make darned certain that the record gives proof of that you have some degree of specialist recommendations to offer the viewers. It has to show to them that you are undoubtedly a specialist to make sure that they will certainly return as well as take into consideration in fact purchasing from you.

If your record cannot do that, you will in fact injure your future sales using this method. Select the material of your complimentary records carefully.