CNC Router Machines: Regularly Requested Questions


Pc numerical management (CNC) equipment was invented within the early 1970s. Since that point, it has redefined the best way woodworkers use a router, a milling machine and different sorts of gear. Machines that characteristic CNC expertise provide a number of advantages over normal woodworking machines:

  • Better reducing accuracy
  • Improved manufacturing charge
  • Discount of human error

In case you are contemplating shopping for a CNC router, however want some solutions earlier than you do, the solutions beneath will help:

When ought to normal routers get replaced with CNC routers?

The necessity to substitute normal routers with CNC routers could possibly be demonstrated by a number of issues, notably:

  • The provision of ordinary routers to satisfy elevated manufacturing demand
  • The necessity to produce intricate woodwork
  • The necessity to enhance price financial savings by decreasing waste items

Along with reducing extra precisely than normal routers, laptop managed routers additionally minimize with better velocity. For woodworkers who’ve a excessive manufacturing charge, the velocity of a computer-controlled router might be as precious as its accuracy.

How costly is the typical CNC router?

The price of a CNC router is dependent upon two elements: machine grade (eg passion grade, mid grade, or industrial grade) and machine design (eg desk measurement, variety of cutter heads, kind of vacuum, and so forth.). With these items in thoughts, the typical price of a passion grade router is often beneath $ 5,000; the typical price of a mid grade router is often beneath $ 15,000; and the typical price of a effectively outfitted industrial grade router is often over $ 20,000.

As a result of the worth of CNC routers can range broadly based mostly on the elements above, the easiest way to obtain a dependable estimate is to seek the advice of an expert vendor of woodworking equipment.

Is it wise to purchase a router used?

As a result of industrial grade CNC routers are costly and have an extended lifespan, many woodworkers take into account shopping for them used. As with shopping for any used machine, the standard of the acquisition is dependent upon the integrity of the vendor. When the best steps are taken to verify the integrity of the vendor and the situation of the machine, shopping for an industrial router used is a good choice.

What kind of coaching is important to function a CNC router?

To function a CNC machine, a woodworker should prepare to make use of the software program program that controls it. The coaching routine for many router machines consists of a mix of laptop based mostly coaching and first particular person coaching. Most trainees can study to function the machine inside weeks, and grasp its operation inside months. As compared, mastering the usage of a guide router can take years.


Since their invention within the early 1970s, CNC router machines have modified the efficiency of wooden routing. At this time, they’re the optimum alternative for woodworkers who expertise a excessive manufacturing demand, should produce intricate items, and / or want to chop prices by decreasing waste items. To study extra about shopping for a brand new or used CNC machine, seek the advice of with a vendor of latest and used woodworking equipment.