Grandpa's Home & From Iraq with Love [Two Poems]


Grandpa's Home

[The ole Real House]

The home wanted portray

Solar-blistered and flaking

Grandpa began to have us

Boys – Mike and I– begin

Doing a little scraping–

Whereas he, pealed off the ole

Paint, and began portray …

Only a humble picket home

With a number of rooms, however

Sturdy sufficient to maintain the

Winds and winter snows out,

How he liked that ole home! …

An 'his well-kept yard, which

Include lilac bushhes, and

Huge shade timber; the place birds

And squirrels lived – season

To season, scattered on …

Branches – they seemed like

Play issues (again within the 50s)

# 807 eight/18/05

Be aware by the creator: "We all grow up together I suppose you might say, my brother and I, mom and grandpa, a few aunts in the beginning, all living in an extended family environment; that is how it felt anyhow. house belonged to my grandfather, we all lived together; now it all looks so long ago, and what pops out of my mind is: I never did take a liking to painting homes after painting his a few times. "

From Iraq with Love

American's most frequently are

Sure of what they need

From the world–

In a big measure,

In cost:

Gold, equipment,


It's what it's all

About …






It's what it's all

About …



TV's and couches


Engagement rings–


Blessings, gratitude

(no secrets and techniques right here)

It's what it's all
About …


Snow and rain

North by a freeway

Dust and dirt




Simply lovely

Issues – freedom

To say and be

That's the best way it was meant

To be:

An 'then,

Alongside got here a bullet:

No mercy

Your useless! …

Nothing extra stated.

# 806 eight/16/05

Be aware by the creator: "I am not for or against the war in Iraq, for the most part; although I do believe America did a great service for the world, and the Iraqi people by bringing down Saddam, a world demonic beast, from his throne, and sometimes it was worth the price, then and now; we are all counting the price right this minute, are we not [?] But is it worth it to continue? A pale question at best, now facing everyone in the country. There are wiser men than I up in Washington DC, figuring these things out, and certainly we do not know everything of what is in the background. should be over, and we are not responsible to rebuild their whole country at the cost of taxing the American citizen to death: financially, resources, and our youth wise. "