Hillary and His Royal Majesty


To Vote or to not Vote for Hillary

I ponder if Hillary goes to journey the wave of Bhutto’s martyrdom to victory? Just lately, simply to call a couple of nations: Germany, Finland, Jamaica, Chile elected for the primary time feminine heads of presidency/state. The U.S. is lengthy overdue! Heck, if conventional patriarchal nations like Israel, Pakistan and India can do it why cannot the good U.S. of A? Sadly, my enthusiasm is dampened on the previous chance as a result of I might be celebrating the primary feminine U.S. president within the type of Hillary. Eleanor Roosevelt the place artwork thou?

Not Voting for Hillary…so Who to Vote for?

In his newest article, Salon Journal’s Glenn Greenwald outed Michael Bloomberg as a closeted neoconservative like his comrade, Senator Lieberman. Like Senator Lieberman, Mayor Bloomberg is a reliable elected chief and an individual of fine character (with an asterisk). Sadly to cite Ecclesiastes 10:1 (King James Model): “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly in him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.” In different phrases, the Iraqi Conflict is the central difficulty for me and the progressive blogosphere. Politicians who embraced the neoconservative ideology (struggle crimes and all) and fanatically assist the Iraqi Conflict (damned worldwide and ethical legal guidelines) can not earn my vote.

Then again, I love Congressman Ron Paul on the Republican facet and Senator John Edwards on the Democratic facet. Respectively, I do not agree with their platform in its entirety. Nonetheless, I’m shocked by their place on the Iraqi Conflict. In my thoughts, Senator Obama continues to be intriguing however the jury continues to be out on him.

It is a pity, I’m a fan of Bloomberg’s governance and contemplated to vote for his unbiased run for the Whitehouse; however to vote for a neoconservative immediately is to vote for a struggle prison tomorrow.

Eating with His Royal Majesty

Final Friday, I used to be invited to a ‘networking’ dinner at Tao Restaurant (off Madison Avenue, NYC). The organizer was a Swedish nationwide (a former Linguistics classmate at Q.C.) who works in Beijing and is in NYC to prepare for the 2008 Olympics. We have been in a gaggle of seven. Our dinner dialogue was dominated by the Iraqi Conflict; Iraqi Conflict; Iraqi Conflict; enterprise; politics; Ph.D. packages (I am contemplating…); my 1996 Olympics expertise (by way of a German firm I used to be working with in ATL); health; new expertise; the Kobe steak on the menu, and Thai royalty.

Did he say Thai royalty?

Yep, I used to be stunned on the fanaticism of two of our dinner visitors throughout our dialogue about Thai royalty. The 2 dinner visitors have been Thai ladies – very smart; progressive; completed, and cosmopolitan – one is a Las Vegas restaurateur (a Culinary Institute of America graduate) and the opposite is a KPMG Worldwide supervisor/accountant (Harvard College graduate). I used to be intrigued by their response and physique language to the subject of debate. It’s just like a response somebody would obtain…debating evolutionary idea whereas eating with scientists (paternal line is Evangelical/Pentecostal), or debating the Holocaust whereas eating with Zionists (maternal line is Sephardic Orthodox Jew), or debating the Bell Curve with eminent Black students (I am black and I am proud J).

Right here is an excerpt:

Thai accountant: “the king has done a lot for our country. He modernized a poor and a wretched country.”

Thai restaurateur: “In my Las Vegas restaurant, I placed a picture of our King in a prominent and conspicuous place.”

Dinner visitor: “Do Thais pray to the king and think he’s a deified ruler like some ancient cultures?”

Thai accountant: “Yes, a long pause no…we pray for him. We are Buddhists after all.”

Karl: After discussing the latest coup d’état by the army; elections during which the deposed billionaire prime minister’s celebration was profitable, and the king’s involvement” Isn’t there a Muslim/Malay resurgence in the south?”

Thai restaurateur: “Not really, the king has presided over a stable government. Historically, Thailand is very peaceful. It is the only country, in Southeast Asia, not to be colonized by a European power. It was an ally of Japan pre-1946 and an ally of the U.S. since 1946. As a matter fact, the king was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts where his father was studying medicine at Harvard University.”

Karl: “Speaking of Japan, the reverence for your king reminds me of the Japanese reverence for the Emperor of Japan before their defeat in World War II where his deification was stripped by the U.S. sponsored post-war constitution.”

Dinner visitor: “Don’t you have strict lese majeste laws laws against criticizing a king or a queen?”

Thai accountant: “Yes, foreigners/tourists are prosecuted under the law, too. Don’t forget, Holland has lese majeste laws although they are not zealously enforced….”

Dinner visitor: “Despite the law, Thais genuinely love the king and thinks he cannot do any wrong.”

Thais maintain their royal household in nice reverence. Few guests from the West can comprehend the connection between the Thai individuals and their revered and beloved King.