How to Ramp Up Your E-Book Sales


You have now completed writing your E-Book, you have uploaded it to your website, the payment processors are in place and after all that hard and time consuming work, it's now time to sit back and wait to enjoy the remunerations that will shortly start rolling in.

Nothing could be further from reality and disappointment will hit in a very short period of time.

Getting noticed on-line requires some smarts so do not believe that because all of the hard work you have just expired to get this product ready for sale, is a surety that the elevator masses will come with credit cards in hand, because that simply will not happen.

So what would be the next move?

There are many tools available on the web that could assist in marketing your book and ramping up your sales. These tools are used for many on-line promotions and are readily available.

Here are a few ways to get you started and when implemented will help you increase your sales

Now like all well thought out businesses, and before starting on any venture, the very first thing to do is create a long term plan. This being your first book, what about the second, third, fourth etc. Start the juices flowing as to where you are aiming to be with your on-line business in the next 5 years, 4 years, 3 years etc.

Consider diversification by not putting all your eggs in one basket. Try to establish several different income streams and put them into your long term plan. How about using audio and video to relay your information, just like the gurus are now doing. Securing Joint Ventures with industry experts would really push the volume of sales along. More on this later in this article.

Volume retailing could have achieved if your book details any of the popular subjects like, How To Business or Self Improvement etc. where certain organizations or corporations would be interested in volume purchasing from you to give as a gift to their clients or employees or associates. Volume purchasing would require you to lower the per item price to a wholesale price but the you are now selling many to one customer as opposed to one or two at a time.

Credibility has to be earned and once this has been established as an author, maybe considering moving up to the next level. There is a lot of money to be made running seminars or coaching workshops or being a presenter at a seminar. These workshops and seminars are being held globally and if you have a niche market that appeals to the masses you should consider this as a viable extension to your business.

Create Joint Ventures. This is the fastest way to bring in sales because the person (s) you JV with will introduce your product to their opt-in list and many of these lists are many thousand strong. These JVs should be in a similar industry as yours and non competitiveness of course. However joint ventures are exactly what the name represents, both parties contribute to achieve the end result, sales.

There are many courses on-line that go into great detail as to how joint ventures are put together and outlining the many ways these can be set up. It may be well worth the time and expense to invest in one of these courses because it can be quite involved, especially for the novice marketer.