Motion Gaming 101 – Amazon Is Offering a Course on Motion Gaming


What is motion gaming? Those who have a Wii have been using motion gaming even if they did not know what it was called. Amazon is introducing a new learning series called Motion Gaming 101 in order to teach their customers about the latest in this technology. There are two new versions of motion gaming on the market and they are PlayStation Move and Kinect for the Xbox. Complete videos of how these gaming systems work are also offered via Amazon.

· How Motion Gaming Works – Motion gaming uses inferred technology to find points on the body or controller which is translated through the console to follow the action. In the Nintendo Wii, the first game to use this technology, the motion of the controller is used to play games. When playing a game like bowling, the player uses the controller to swing it as if it were a bowling ball. The PlayStation Move and Kinect for the Xbox have furthered this technology by actually picking up points on the body without using the background to follow this motion.

· PlayStation Move – This is an attachment that has a three hundred and sixty degree motion detection. The gamer's moves are followed and the action that they take are displayed on the television that the console is connected to. This hooks up direction to the PlayStation 3 and requires the PS3 eye in order to work.

· Kinect – The Kinect is made for the Xbox and has a similar infrared technology to the Move but does not use the three hundred and sixty degree motion detection. Gamers can use their hands and feet along with the rest of their body to play the game. Grab at jewels and other game areas with the hands in order to move them on the playing board.

· PlayStation Wii – The Wii is not yet set up for body motion but still uses the motion sensing technology through the controller. There are many different controllers that can be purchased to go with all of the games that have been created for the Wii.

Motion detection is a technology that has been around since the first Wii gaming console was introduced. The technology is rapidly expanding and is set to make ground in the gaming community. While there are very few games out for the Move or Kinect as of yet, look for a boom in their production once this technology gets a firm grip in the gaming world.