PBR as QOS Device


PBR can be utilized to match a selected movement after which apply some QOS insurance policies on it, for instance you’ll be able to mark the packets or route the site visitors to particular optimized or devoted connections to deal with this site visitors kind.

For instance you could have two web connections, one for regular web site visitors [FTP, HTTP, downloads] and one other one for essential functions (inventory tickers) or to be restricted just for use by the managers and important departments.

In brief PBR can be utilized to categorise site visitors primarily based on prolonged ACLs, set IP priority worth or route site visitors to devoted site visitors engineered connections.

Route maps can be utilized as follows:

Route-map QOS allow 10

Match [ip address | length]

Set [ip precedence | ip next-hop | set interface]

Within the match assertion you’ll be able to match any normal or prolonged access-list, or match packs with an actual or ranged size.

Prolonged access-lists means that you can match particular flows, for instance you’ll be able to match solely e mail site visitors sourced from customer support division and provides them some precedence over regular emails from different departments.

The set statements can be utilized to set the IP precedent worth to mark packages to be used by different QOS instruments and / or inside your ISP's core to implement a contracted coverage. Set interface and next-hop statements can be utilized to override regular forwarding for this particular movement.

Lastly, apply the route-map underneath the enter interface utilizing the command ip coverage route-map QOS.

Hope that was helpful for all of you and thanks for studying.