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Frequent Commerce Names

Tonka Bean

Frequent Varieties

Tonka bean is troublesome to acquire commercially; availability is uncommon.


Lively elements are extracted from the fruits and seeds of Dipteryx odorata, a tree that’s native to South America, particularly Brazil and Venezuela. The tonka bean tree belongs to the legume household.

Chemical Parts

The first chemical elements of tonka bean are coumarin, dihydrocoumarin, and o-coumaric acid. Different elements embody melilotic acid, methyl melilotate, ethyl melilotate, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, fats, and starch.


Coumarin is metabolized inside the physique to 7-hydroxycoumarin, which then bear glucuronidation within the intestines and liver; this intensive first-pass metabolism leads to a low absolute bioavailability of coumarin. Each coumarin and 7-hydroxycoumarin have inhibited development of chosen forms of malignant human cell traces in vitro. The glucuronide metabolite of seven -hydroxycoumarin seems to be inactive.

Reported Makes use of

Tonka bean is claimed to alleviate belly cramps and nausea; the fruit can be thought to behave as an aphrodisiac. It is called a people treatment for whooping cough as nicely. Coumarin has lengthy been used as a flavoring agent in meals and a scent in pharmaceutical merchandise. It has proven therapeutic profit in opposition to lymphmedema in scientific trials.


The same old dose used is 60 mg of coumarin PO every day. (Some research have based mostly doses on the coumarin content material of the product.)

Antagonistic Reactions

CV: potential cardiac results (with giant doses).

Hepatic: hepatotoxicity.


Anticoagulants: Might trigger extreme bleeding. Keep away from administration with tonka bean.

Medication that trigger hepatotoxicity: Danger of additive toxicity. Keep away from administration with tonka bean.

Contraindications and Precautions

Tonka bean is contraindicated in sufferers with below hepatic dysfunction as a result of potential for toxicity. Keep away from its use in pregnant or breast-feeding sufferers; results are unknown.

Particular Issues

Inform the affected person that tonka bean is on the FDA's record of unsafe herbs.

Advise the affected person to seek the advice of a well being care supplier earlier than utilizing natural preparations as a result of a therapy that has been clinically researched and confirmed efficient could also be obtainable.

Monitor liver perform take a look at outcomes.

Advise ladies to keep away from utilizing tonka bean throughout being pregnant or when breastfeeding-feeding.

Factors of Curiosity

Don’t confuse this herb with the artificial anticoagulant bishydroxycoumarin.

Extracts of tonka bean have been used as a flavoring for castor oil preparations.


A number of tonka bean elements, especialIy coumarin and 7-hydroxycoumarin, present promise as future therapeutic brokers. As a result of effectivity and security knowledge are missing, the herb cannot be beneficial for any medicinal use.