The Bridge Over the Depths of Your self


A while in the past I dreamed a few bridge that enabled one to cross between two utterly totally different environments. The solar shone brightly on one aspect, heat and radiant, whereas on the opposite aspect, mountains rose to nice heights from a valley of sentimental, damp, everlasting snow. View one other method, one aspect stretched out from the bridge in limitless desert, desolate, unrelieved, sizzling; and the opposite stayed moist, chilly, cheerless and miserable.

The bridge spanned a deep chasm, however the center of the bridge held a strangeness that made one overlook what one had simply left. When one walked onto the bridge from the cloudy, snowy aspect, reached the midpoint and stepped by, it appeared one had all the time lived in sunshine, with not even one reminiscence of snow. Conversely, when one set foot on the aspect of the bridge that led by the snowy valley into the mountains, one couldn’t keep in mind having lived within the desert, a lot much less being born there.

Every now and then I’ve returned to this dream, questioning what it meant, questioning how you can interpret it. What would occur if one may stand in that midpoint of the bridge, for instance, and see either side? What wouldn’t it imply to have the ability to try this? To see either side? Wouldn’t it imply seeing the previous and the longer term? Wouldn’t it imply seeing each the workable and the unworkable? Wouldn’t it imply seeing what’s or what shall be? What function does a bridge serve?

It spans one thing: A to B; one aspect to the opposite aspect; a river; a chasm; the unknown. The Unknown. That set me considering. What if the bridge may span the depths of myself? What if one aspect represented the current, the opposite the previous? What if that pesky midpoint, the very heart of the bridge might be that place the place one may see the hidden depths of oneself? What would that be like?

I’ve all the time beloved the parables of Jesus and the fables of Aesop. What if I may discover my thought in a sort of parable / fable? What if I may really glimpse the depths of myself?

As I get older I’m an increasing number of conscious of the straightforward incontrovertible fact that those that are a lot youthful than me cannot have my experiences nor can I’ve their. Typically I fear that the straightforward pleasures of picnics and walks and lengthy talks with pals about weighty topics could solely be issues of my previous and never their future. I fear that these good, younger folks will achieve outstanding technological expertise, however they could simply miss one thing vital about being human.

So I’ve written a sort of parable, or perhaps it’s a quest story, or a fable during which Seeker appears to be like for the depths of herself. Her search brings her to sudden experiences, sudden information. The unique quest turns into a narrative of private magic, of relearning to like her inventive, fearful, extraordinary, loopy, compassionate self. It speaks to remembering and honoring who she is: a Human Being with an Everlasting Soul.

The Bridge is Emily Seate's eleventh e book. It’s scheduled for launch August 12, 2010 by or by her web site. She is presently engaged on the fourth and closing quantity to her HeartMind Chronicles.