Turkey String Lift – How to Do It


Have you ever before discovered on your own in this situation?

You simply prepared an attractive, 20+ extra pound turkey, as well as currently it’s time to cut it as well as offer it. Just how to obtain that bird from the food preparation vessle to the sculpting board? When you’ve covered that bird in aluminum foil,

Especially difficult is. Currently you locate the aluminum foil adhering to the bird, and also as you attempt to raise it, there’s a certain possibility that a lot of really warm, steaming turkey juice will certainly waterfall from the aluminum foil as well as into you and/or your flooring.

What to do?

The most hassle-free technique of relocating a prepared turkey from its area in the covering aluminum foil to its put on the sculpting meal is with making use of a String Lift. While dual sculpting forks could be utilized, the opportunity of going down the steaming warm bird are still high. Making use of handwear covers is absolutely impossible, as well!

The response is an old method, referred to as The String Lift Technique. A String Lift is specifically just what its name indicates: a training sling for grabbing big, hefty, unpleasant things like a prepared turkey!

The String Lift serves as a safety sling, bordering the bird as well as making it simpler to raise as well as to move from cooking frying pan to sculpting meal.

Commercial String Lifts are offered, nonetheless, it is our experience that a lot of shops do not bring the Lifts due to the fact that individuals are not familiar with them, have no idea ways to utilize them, and also consequently business string lifts are not a wonderful vendor.


Cut an 80″ length of heavy cotton Butcher’s twine.

Knot ends together to make a loop. Put a single knot in center of loop.

Place second figure eight knot 3″to right of very first knot.

Place 3rd figure knot 3″ to the left of very first knot.

Center bird on facility knot.

Draw string loopholes around as well as up over bird’s wings as well as legs throughout food preparation.

To Use:

Unwrap the aluminum foil from the turkey bust as well as the wings as well as legs.

Grasp a loophole in each hand.

Gently raise the turkey directly off of the aluminum foil sheet.

Ask an assistant to loosen up any kind of aluminum foil that attempts to hold on to the turkey as it is being lifted.

Move the turkey to the reducing board as well as curtain the Sling Lift far from the turkey.

It is not needed to eliminate the Lift from under the turkey while sculpting the bird.