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Analysis of the True Meaning of Magnolia


Warning: This article is an analysis of the movie Magnolia and contains many spoilers.

Everyone who has watched the much-praised film “Magnolia” undoubtedly walked out of the theater with maybe a feeling of awe, but most likely an overwhelming confusion over its ending, especially the scene with the shower of frogs.

A key aspect to interpreting the true meaning of this film lies in its many references of Exodus 8:2 from the bible. The most obvious reference was in the scene right before the start of the Quiz show. A woman is seen holding a sign that clearly has the words “Exodus 8:2” written on it, but is promptly escorted out of the audience by security. read more

The Rise of Windows 8 and Microsoft


Microsoft is on the rise with the upcoming advent of Windows 8. This article will explain why Windows 8 will begin a renewed Microsoft era.

Windows 8

Microsoft has revamped Windows to bring a touchscreen interface for tablets, PC's, and other touchscreen devices. The interface that Windows 8 is being built around is easy to use and falls in-line with their Windows Phone interface which helps create a unified experience across all of their devices. With a unified experience, consumers can go from their Windows Phone to their PC without any hesitation or learning curve. read more

Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping: The Amazon FBA Way


Why It Works With Amazon FBA Drop Shipping

The principles of buy low / sell high are very much in effect online! You can easily join the rush to make money online by applying the very simple principles of buy low / sell high! Fulfillment By Amazon has made a nice profit on ordinary items that you purchase locally a real possibility.

Retail arbitrage is not a new idea but it has taken on a new meaning using the internet as your market place. You can easily buy items locally at deep discounts from discount chains / drugstores and resell them for a profit using Amazon FBA drop shipping. read more

15 Cool Ways Kids Can Enjoy the Beach


For the grown-ups, beaches are great for sun-bathing, surfing, and swimming, but for kids it is more than that. For kids it is a different world altogether. On the beaches, they have all the freedom to use their imagination and to increase the spectrum of their thinking. Here, they can dance, sing, play, dive, surf and do a hundreds thousand activities. Following are few of the exciting activities which one can enjoy with their kids on the beach.

1. Treasure Hunt

This is one of the most loved games for kids. When you have sand all around you, hiding things will become even more interesting. This game can be modified in a number of ways. One of them could be where parents can hide things under the sand and place an identifier on top of it. They can then ask the kids to guess what is there under each identifier. For example, if they have put a Kids Jewelery Box under the sand they can put a bangle over it. The article at the top will be a hint to what is under the sand. read more

How to Get The Best Quotes for Commercial Trucking, Cargo and Trailer Interchange Insurance Policy


Every one / company who owns a commercial truck will have to have a commercial trucking insurance coverage for it before taking the truck to the road. Such expenses can cause an impact on a person's or company's financial status. In the Chicago metro area, a primary liability trucking policy with cargo and exchange coverage may average about $ 8,000 per year. However, a person can opt to look for a insurance company that will not charge them a lot. It is possible for someone to find a cheap trucking company, but one needs to understand that cheaper rates do not necessarily mean good services. read more

10 Tips for Looking Good Each Day


Some people think that looking good is about being groomed, as if from a glossy magazine. But some people look a little wild, quirky and disheveled and yet something about them means they always look wonderful.

Here are tips for looking good each day:

– A ready smile and cheery disposition often high. Someone who's warm, friendly and enjoys life will radiate an inner glow and beauty.

– Be ready to say yes, be enthusiastic, join in and be willing to have a go. Attractive people often have a genuine interest in life. Have something in your diary to look forward to. read more

How to Not Get Killed in Real Estate


Real estate investing has created more wealth than any other investment in American history. To be a real estate investor, you need to master the skills of the entrepreneur. Most of our lives we are taught that the essence of successful entrepreneurship is self-reliance. Self-reliance is nice but you will not live long enough to accumulate all of the skills that you need to make real money in real estate. Why on earth would you even try?

There are a lot of tasks that investors need to accomplish in order to buy, rent, maintain, repair, and sell property. The most successful investors are not the people who have the most skill; they are the people who outsource the most work. You only have 24 hours in each day. If you want more than 24 hours of production per day, then you need a team. Each team is as unique as the individual investor who creates it. The team is like tools in the investor’s tool belt. You want the right tool for each task, and you want the best tools that you can find. read more

8 Tips to Cheer Up Depressed Pets


What if laTely, you've beenicing your pet sleeps abnormally (more than usual), eats less, seems sad, and spends most of its time moping round the house. All these behaviors are totally opposite to his or her normal behavior. Without a doubt, you may start to worry! Depression is what your furry friend may be experiencing. This condition is not dissimilar to that of humans.

You're used to seeing your pet happy because he or she is always there for you whenever you're down. The mere thought of seeing your furry friend crestfallen makes you sick. Now it's your turn to be there for him or her. How do you cheer up your best friend? What are some of the methods you can use? read more

How a Topical Content Website Can Make Money For You


One of the most common ways t make money on the internet is also one of the most focused: develop a topical content site. A topical content website is a site designed around one niche subject, with multiple pages, content to draw in viewers, and monetization to ensure steady advertising income. Developing one or several topical content websites is one of the easiest ways to earn residual income on the internet with a minimum of effort on your part.

The advantage of a topical content website is in its ability to specifically target a select group of people. Whether your site is geared toward baseball hats or car mufflers, you can rest assured there is some percentage of the population that is going to be interested in the subject of your site. The key to developing a successful topical content site is in determining just how broad your niche market is. read more

Comparison Shopping: The Inevitable New Trend Of Online Shopping


The basic concept of comparison shopping lies in its e-commerce setup as comparison shopping is the best way to save money if you are an online shopper. Online shoppers who know the product that they want to buy and want to check out the best competitive prices know that the easiest and most reliable way to do their online shopping is by using the service of a good comparison shopping site. You can easily compare, select and buy the product that you are looking for at one shot.

Comparison shopping is the perfect solution for your online shopping experience as you will never be able to match the section of items that you will find online. You can find everything from books, music, cameras and computers and a never ending selection of clothes to choose from. The internet is very helpful when it comes to searching for specific products because you can find all types of collectibles imaginable. Most comparison shopping sites offer you the largest variety of categorized items from Refrigerators, Kitchen Appliances, Gifts, Toys and Appliances. read more