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How To Sell Digital Products On Bonanza


Digital product authors and licensed resellers have sold their products on eBay for many years. Sadly, for the past couple of years eBay has made this increasingly more difficult. This is due to their restrictions on the sale of digitally downloaded products. As a result many digital product sellers have been forced to find an alternative.

Bonanza fit the bill perfectly!

If you’re not familiar with Bonanza, it’s an online auction site very much like eBay. Bill Harding founded Bonanza in 2007. Today there are over 20 million items for sale on Bonanza. These item listings are available to nearly every country in the world. Among these items are, naturally, digitally downloaded products. read more

Discover the Secret of How to Make Money Online With These Tips


The problem with most people who want to make money online is that they do not have an idea of where or how to begin. This is a normal thing as most experienced Internet marketers and business entrepreneurs have followed a similar path when they were starting. Before getting started, however, there are certain things that you need to understand first if you want to generate an income from the Internet.

Compared with running an actual shop or store, an online business has certain similarities and differences. Just like a physical store, you need to devote at least a few hours to monitor your shop to be able to manage transactions, talk with your customers, and drive traffic for more sales. read more

Intel Is Going To Enter The Tablet Computer Market


The Intel will enter the tablet computer market, which is in people's expectation, because Intel has run successfully in the netbook market. Whether the tablet computer will replace the laptop computer is a question, but the entrance is a must. From the current module point of view, replacing the laptop computer is unrealistic now.

Customers care about the impact taken by the Intel after entering market most. Will it bring the new era to people? Currently, the Intel is behind the opponents who pay much attention to the low-cost and low power consumption processor. The Oak Trail will be released in the next year, which has improved the efficiency and kept its own characteristics. The display panel is the component which has the highest power consumption and this new chip is able to be used for twelve hours without charging, so it is competitive. read more

BRAND YOU: Top 10 Secrets of Personal Branding


“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” Tom Peters

Average doesn’t cut it anymore!

We are living in what Peter Drucker called the era of three C’s – accelerated change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition.

Too many entrepreneurs, small business owners and consultants, are constantly struggling to earn what they are worth; limited by market value; working longer hours each day just to survive, while constantly needing more clients, more money and more time in their life – because they rarely stop to figure out, what it will take to move them from the majority, to the top of their niche, market or industry. read more

There Are Times When Second Place Is a Win


Have you ever played a game with someone whose sole focus was to win? It can be a joyless, unsatisfying and singularly unpleasant experience, especially if we were really looking forward to sharing some fun times and enjoying each other’s company.

If our opponent is disinterested in anything other than winning we may even mentally walk away with a shrug and a resigned, ‘you go for it, I’m not that bothered’ mindset. Winning isn’t always about coming first; indeed second place can be a win, sometimes offering a more rounded experience. read more

Cheap Web Business That is Perfect For You


To start your cheap web business you'll have to do some research and find your niche audience that you'll market too. This will provide your site with a built-in audience that will serve as your potential buyers, so its best to pick a topic that is pretty specific (ie racing bicycles). Now, while you might not have to be a specialist in this topic yourself, it helps to pick something you have at least some interest in as you'll have to read up on it. Plus, is not the point to enjoy your cheap web business? Have fun with it! read more

Gmail – Better Than Hotmail?


Gmail was launched on 1 April, 2004 by Google as it's official email offering. At the time many people treated email as beginning to slow after the initial rush and uptake that it had seen in the late 1990s. The introduction of Gmail in 2004 revolutionized email and created a more efficient and faster service that offered email to millions around the world.

Gmail's real achievements is in the way emails are displayed. They are listed in 'conversation' style boxes so the email thread is much more easily read. Whereas with other email providers, conversations are very boxy and bitty, Gmail provides a more fluid interface for each access and navigation that allows users to easily access and read through lengthy emails. read more

Buying Silver Bars Online: Pros And Cons


Silver is a precious metal whose popularity has greatly grown over the last few years. While there are some people who think that it's better to buy the bars than a physical shop, there are others who think that it's wise to buy them online.

If you are wondering which are the pros and cons of buying the bullions online, here they are:


Privacy: while there is nothing shameful in buying silver online, some people like to keep their involvement with the metals private. This is because if people know that you are having a lot of silver in your home or office, you might have unscrupulous people approaching you and trying to steal from you. read more

5 Free Ways To Market Your Spreadshirt Shop Effectively


Okay so you head on over to spreadshirt and open up a shop, create some designs, got your own domain, and customized it the best way you know how. Now what? You’ve got all these amazing products and no ones buying because no ones seen or heard of you. You’ve started this on a shoestring budget so your not likely to be on TV any time soon and PPC ads wouldn’t do much good at this point. You need to do some free promoting and here’s five ways you can get started.

  1. Create a myspace/facebook/linkedin profile for your website and add people you know. Make sure you put some time into this. the cooler you profile looks the more likely people are to take a longer look and see what you have to offer… especially if they don’t know you. Don’t think of you page as a place to get sales think of it more as a way to get your name out to the masses and get some recognition. Once you’ve got some friends… make comments on their pages to remind them you exist. Say things like “Just showing your page some love BTW check out the site at “your” we’ve got some pretty cool clothing” make sure you change your comments every time so they feel that your a real person.
  2. Buy one of your own shirts out of the shop. Make sure its the funniest or most unique shirt you have and when you wear it people will ask about it. Let them know where you got it from. Ask your friends and family if they would buy something like it at the price you set. Give it away for free to someone in your target market. Chances are they’ll be asked about it and will say where they got it from. Viral marketing at it’s best.
  3. Do something newsworthy while wearing your shirt. Plant some trees with a local charity, Take some at-risk youth to a sporting event, and use that to write a Press release in e-mail format to reporters in your local newspaper. People love helping charity and if your donating proceeds to charity by selling your shirt you’ll get a big boost in sales.
  4. Post on T-shirt and clothing line blogs. Make sure your posts are relevant. Don’t just leave one-liners like, “That was a great Post.” Say something that adds to the post, these are the comments that don’t get deleted and can lead to establishing you as an expert in the field.
  5. If your flat out broke, Look for something in your household you’d be willing to part with for free. Host a promotion on your site for the person who buys the first or the 10Th T-shirt will get that along with his/her Purchase. This increases a customers urge to buy because they get more value for their dollar. You may be losing something of your own but sometimes it does take money or value to create money or value.

All these are great ways to increase traffic and brand recognition for free and work for me now as well as in the past. The most important thing to remember is to not get caught up in learning so much that you forget to take action. Yes it’s important to learn but often times I see new entrepreneurs getting overwhelmed with the reading and learning and they never take any real action. Action is what leads you to profits so get out there and DO something! read more

How to Be Successful With Women


As the first of nine children, it's fair to say that having a sister within a year of me has provided 37 years of ongoing insight and experience into interacting with women. In addition, my 20 plus years as an adult in the work have consistently revealed a self-perpetuating patriarchal mindset that asserts men are superior to women, condemning them respect and justifying honesty towards them. That's something my sister has never submitted to, her inherent self-esteem and confidence dismissed that kind of indoctrination. Thankfully, confident women like her have challenged this bias with their efforts and presence, reminding all of us of the need for justice and personal development to successfully achieve our collective potential. Sadly, not all men have been able to cultivate such support for equality, rather actively participating in the sabotage of their own grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters. In this article I will share three areas of insight and action that can allow for greater cooperation between men and women in the workplace, supporting a much needed culture of inclusion, equality and diversity. read more